Another DEC Rainbow 100+

I recently acquired another Rainbow 100+. Here is a picture of it:

Rainbow 100+

The badges are on their side because this was installed in a vertical enclosure.

This came about because a little while ago I was given a Rainbow, and the person who gave it to me had a second one that he was going to keep. He told me that he wanted the vertical enclosure for his machine, like the one below, which happens to be one that I passed on to someone else some time ago:

Vertical Enclosure for a DEC Rainbow

When the opportunity arose to buy a Rainbow in a vertical enclosure I let him know. He wanted the enclosure but not the machine inside. So we agreed that I would contribute to the cost of the purchase, take the Rainbow itself and he could keep the enclosure.

When I got it home it was in a pretty clean condition. It contains an RD51 hard disk, an RX50 floppy disk drive and a 192K memory expansion options, for a total of 320K memory. The VR201 is an amber version.

Before powering it on I visually checked the PSU, it looked fine. I then imaged the hard disk, just like I did with the previous Rainbow. Interestingly, the first attempt to read the disk failed completely. The disk span up quite happily, but the MFM emulator could not find any data. Cycling power seemed to fix it and I imaged it twice just to be sure.

I then installed the hard disk emulator in place of the hard disk and powered it up. Booting from the emulated hard disk brought up MS-DOS 2.11. The AUTOEXEC.BAT then took me into the Rainbow Serial Port Setup Utility (SETPORT) program. I found that the hard disk had WordStar 3.31 installed. At some point I will go back to that and remind myself what WordStar was like.

Anyway, I now have another Rainbow and another VR201 monitor, which is good in case I need some spares.

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5 Responses to Another DEC Rainbow 100+

  1. Max says:

    Hi there! I’m interested in the Rainbow 100, and was wondering if you had a complete disk image of the hard drive and any disk images of the floppy disks? If possible, would it be possible to obtain these from you for emulation purposes?? Many Thanks!

    • rjarratt says:

      Hello Max. I do have an image of the hard disk which I have taken for backup purposes, but I am not sure about the legal position in sharing them. Let me look into it.

  2. Sheila Kida says:

    I want to clean “fungus” on the inner glass surface of the rainbow monitor. Any help solving this problem?

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