DECstation 220

Make Digital Equipment Corporation
Model DECstation 220
Model Number PC645-A3
Serial Number 2003127
Processor 12.5MHz Intel 80286
Release Date 1989
Cost New $2,630 (different model)
Acquired 2016-06-11
Configuration (as collected) WordPerfect keyboard
DEPCA network card
Intel Above Board Plus 8
Conner CP-3024 21MB hard disk drive
1.44MB floppy disk drive
Current Configuration Unchanged
Status Not operational, battery leakage damage

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Not to be confused with the MIPS line of DECstations, the DECstation 220 was the successor to the Rainbow. It has a 12.5MHz Intel 80286 processor and was DEC’s first IBM Compatible PC and represents DEC’s acceptance that it would have to embrace the PC rather than try to build non-compatible machines like the Rainbow. However, it was still important to integrate it with the VAX world, so this machine came with a DEPCA network card. I am told this particular machine was booted off a MicroVAX 2000 (that also came with this item, but which did not work). The machine was used with PCSA, which later became PathWorks.

This particular machine was made by Olivetti (in fact from the BA241 CPU board it appears to be a re-badged M250-E). It came with spares of just about everything except the case and the Intel Above Board Plus 8, even a spare riser and spare connector cables.

The hard disk (including the spare) contained images and files of the following software:

  • CP/M-80 Kermit
  • DECmate (in Italian apparently)
  • DOS utilities like ARJ and PKZIP
  • HP150 – Basic, Word, Visicalc, Wordstar Dbase II, Kermit, Terminal Emulators
  • PCSA 3.0
  • Pathworks 4.1
  • Windows For Workgroups 3.11
  • IBM Pascal
  • IBM Fortran
  • MS-DOS 6.22
  • P/OS ??????
  • Rainbow – CPM/86, Utils, Mbasic-86 (Italian again)
  • Windows 95 (not sure what exactly)

Details of my attempts to restore it are on the blog.

5 Responses to DECstation 220

  1. Tomasz Hinz says:

    Dear Rob can I ask you for favor. I’ve Decstation 320sx and I’ve setup error. Have you a setup disk for decstation ? may it is the same like for yours 286 dec ? Greetings. 🙂

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