DECstation 5000 Model 240

Make Digital Equipment Corporation
Model DECstation 5000/240
Model Number PM38A-AC
Serial Number AB33004L35
Processor 40MHz MIPS R3400
Bus TURBOchannel
Release Date 1989
Cost New  Unclear, probably at least $15,000 (from here)
Acquired 2017-07-15
Configuration (as collected) 1x 32MB memory module
PMAG-JA Video Controller
Prototype Jvideo Video Capture board
TURBOchannel Extender module (installed for shipping)Extender:PMAG-D video controller which has been marked as upgraded to PMAG-E.
2x RZ25-E hard disk (426MB).
PMAD Ethernet controller (installed for shipping only).
Current Configuration 96MB (3x 32MB modules)
Everything else unchanged
Status Operational.

The DECstation 5000/240 is a MIPS architecture machine from Digital Equipment Corporation. It is an odd machine internally because it has a huge number of memory slots, but nowhere to install an internal disk, so external disk units are required. This particular machine came with a TURBOchannel extender, which has room for some disks as well. I don’t have the TURBOchannel Extender interface cable though (P/N 17-03335-01), so if anyone has one, then let me know.

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I have a storage expansion box with two disks in it. One has Ultrix 4.5 installed, which recognises the frame buffer and runs on the monitor. The other disk has NetBSD 1.5.3 installed, which does not recognise the frame buffer, and so only runs on the serial console.

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