More Leaking Batteries

I haven’t been very active lately because I have had to temporarily relocate my collection. While moving it back again I took the opportunity to reorganise things a bit. In doing so I came across the first two PC motherboards I ever bought. I found that both had leaking batteries. I have another machine, a DECstation 220 that has suffered as a result of the same kind of battery leaking, so I decided to remove these batteries immediately.

The very first motherboard I ever bought was a 286 board, with a Headland HT-12 chipset. If I remember correctly it had 1MB of memory.

The second board I ever bought was a 386SX board with an ALI chipset.

I have added these boards to the pile of things to get working. I am a bit behind at the moment with the fact, as mentioned above, of having to temporarily relocate the collection. I am still working on the TURBOchannel Extender PSU, a couple of ZX Spectrums and the DECstation 220. However, when I get a moment I will give these two boards a very quick spin just to see if they still work at all.

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