Wish List


  • VAXstation II or VCB01 or VCB02
  • MicroVAX 3100 Model 98
  • VAXstation 8000
  • VAX 4000 M705A
  • DSSI cable that goes behind the front panel of a MicroVAX 3400
  • MS42 memory (-BA 12MB and -CA 16MB modules for VAXstation 3100 Model 38)
  • MS44 memory (for other MicroVAX 3100s)
  • MS630 memory (8MB modules for MicroVAX II)
  • MS650 memory (for VAX 4000/200)


  • H777 Power Supply (for PDP11/04)
  • H7140 Power Supply (for PDP11/24)
  • RK05 mounting rails (especially the outers rails that fit to the cabinet)

PDP8 (well I can dream, can’t I?)


  • TURBOchannel Extender interface cable (P/N 17-03335-01, possibly a BC12N)
  • MS02 memory for DECstation 5000/240. Ideally MS02-CA (32MB) but also MS02L-AB (8MB).
  • Prestoserve NVRAM module (P/N 54-20948-01).


  • Rear panel for the Model 33 stand
  • Chad box for the Model 33
  • Standing mounting screws for the Model 33


  • Printer for the HP-150.
  • HP ZX6000 (or RX2600 => ZX6000 conversion kit, HP product code: A8717A or A8719A)


  • DEC VT125
  • DEC/Boundless VT525

Other DEC

  • DECtalk DTC01
  • VAXmate (or just a working flyback transformer)
  • DECconnect cable (especially with RJ45 at one end and MMJ at the other)
  • AUI cables (especially with right-angled connectors)
  • RQDX and RQDX2 controllers


  • Any DSSI disks
  • Any 50-pin SCSI, including those less than 1GB
  • RD51, RD52, RD53 and RD54
  • ST-225

Silicon Graphics

  • SCSI Floptical drive for the Indy


  • Research Machines 380Z

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