VAXstation 3100 Model 40


Make Digital Equipment Corporation
Model VAXstation 3100 Model 40
Model Number VS42S-JF A03
Serial Number VL00704669
Processor KA42-B V1.5
Release Date 1989 (?)
Cost New
Acquired 2013-09-12
Configuration (as collected) 12MB (including 8MB option)
8-Plane color (GPX) 8PLN 1.3
3x RZ23 disk (104MB each)
Current Configuration As collected except:
Replaced 8MB memory option with 12MB memory option, total 16MB
Status Operational, running VAX/VMS 6.2

There were two models of VAXstation 3100. The Model 30 in the slightly slimmer enclosure and the Model 40 in a taller enclosure that could accommodate more drives. This is the larger BA42-B enclosure, which makes it a Model 40. There is lots of information about this machine published here and here.

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