VAXstation 4000 Model 60

Make Digital Equipment Corporation
Model VAXstation 4000 Model 60
Model Number VS46K-AD
Serial Number AY271672183
Processor KA46-A V1.4-38E-V4.2, Mariah 55MHz (18ns), 2KB on chip cache, 256K external cache
Bus SCSI, TURBOchannel
Release Date November 1991
Cost New
Acquired 2011-03-13
Configuration (as collected) 32MB
TURBOchannel adapter card DWCTX-BX – 54-20430
8-Plane high resolution color LCG 1280×1024 @66Hz – 54-20365
No disk
Current Configuration As collected plus:
ST32550N Seagate Barracuda 2.5GB disk
Status Operational, occasional failure to power up

The VAXstation 4000 line is a series of VAX architecture computers designed to sit on a desktop and run DECwindows. This series of machines uses a lighter weight plastic enclosure, compared to the much heavier steel enclosures of the older 3100 series. The enclosure is also easier to open because there are a couple of plastic tabs that clip the lid on, rather than sliding off a three-sided cover which is hard to align when reassembling the machine. The plastic does however feel less robust.

The machine uses a Dallas DS1287 chip for the battery-backed clock and for a small amount of non-volatile RAM. The good thing about these is that they don’t leak, so the machine is safe. They can be harder to replace, but this one looks like it might be socketed.

The machine has a TURBOchannel adapter, but there are no TURBOchannel cards installed.

Because it is compact, light and fairly quick,  I often use this machine for checking any new SCSI disks I receive. When I do those tests, rather than have to connect it up to a monitor though, I use the alternate console and connect it to a terminal emulator running on my PC. The alternate console is enabled by flicking a small switch behind the door on the front panel (it is the one labelled S3 in the photo).

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