Retrochallenge 2012 – Adjacency Up

I have been working on the Ethernet Router Hello message. After fixing some problems with the lengths I was putting in the message I finally worked out why my simulated VAX780 was not “seeing” my router node. It was because I was not sending the packets to the All Routers address. Once I fixed this and processed the Ethernet Router Hello messages I received, I got this message on my simulated VAX780:

%%%%%%%%%%%  OPCOM   4-JUL-2012 21:31:02.94  %%%%%%%%%%%
Message from user DECNET
DECnet event 4.15, adjacency up
From node 5.8 (VAX780),  4-JUL-2012 21:31:02.83
Circuit UNA-0, Adjacent node = 5.99

Of course, nothing else works at the moment, I get a timeout shortly after because I don’t implement anything else. Next step is to make the code a bit more robust, there are some hard coded bits and I haven’t tried it on the Raspberry Pi recently, so I need to work in those areas for a bit now. Then I can move on to implement more parts of the protocol.


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